Offices in Stockton and Tracy California

What are the fees?

Providing self-discovery, clarity, and empowerment

My fees, 90.00 per session, are consistent with most licensed practitioners. I have chosen to join many managed care insurance companies. If you have insurance, I will work with you to connect my services with your company. Some of my patients file my detailed statements to their insurance companies for full or partial reimbursement successfully.

My fee is due at the end of each session, and I am always happy to provide any documentation you may need to make an insurance claim. Because not everyone can afford therapy, I do offer a sliding scale rate based upon your annual income and the number of dependents in your household. I am always happy to discuss these and other options with you when you call.

Each client is offered an assessment session, in which a health history and psychological history is taken, evaluated, and discussed.  I also may administer testing services if the patient requests. Some tests measure intelligence, academic strengths, and the possibility of learning disorders or attention deficits that might affect learning, classroom, or job behavior. Other tests measure personality and the possible presence of certain conditions, such as depression or anxiety. A test-based assessment will include an initial interview, several standardized and projective tests, a review of the history and test data, and a feedback session. 

Please note that most insurance companies do not cover testing for developmental delays or learning problems. These are considered educational, rather than health problems.