Offices in Stockton and Tracy California

What is a Psychotherapist?

Professionally trained and licensed

A psychotherapist is a professional, trained (at either the Masters’ or Doctoral degree level) and licensed to practice in the State in which they work. In California, only four types of licensed professionals are legally allowed to offer their services in private practice:

  • Marriage and Family Therapists licensed by the Board of Behavioral Sciences

  • Clinical Psychologists, licensed by the Board of Behavioral Sciences

  • Clinical Social Workers, licensed by the Board of Behavioral Sciences

  • Physicians, Board Certified in Psychiatry

What a Psychotherapist is NOT

A therapist is not a friend. Professional therapists form a non-social, confidential, and highly personal relationship with you, allowing for free expression. This gives the therapist the information they require to assist you in meeting your goals, and optimizing your life.  Dual relationships (other personal contact between patient and therapist outside of sessions) are not helpful to the therapeutic nature of psychotherapy. 

Psychotherapists are not passively disinterested people who take your money in exchange for sitting still and listening to you.  You have the right to expect more – much more.