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Why Therapy?

Specialized Treatment To Assist You

Marriage and Family Therapists provide treatment to people in need of help balancing their lives.  Depression, anxiety, addictions, unstable interpersonal relationships, unwanted behaviors, and job related problems are just a few symptoms that develop when our emotions and our thinking are out of balance.  Seeking the help of a licensed therapist is often the first step toward a balanced, mentally healthy life. 

A therapist can listen to your concerns in a way you many never have been listened to before, and is trained in treatment methods specific to your particular problem.  It is always important to discuss your situation openly with a potential therapist before deciding to begin therapy.

Very important:

Seeking the right therapist for you or your child is an important consumer activity, and it deserves research.  Talk with others who have seen a therapist, speak to many potential therapists over the phone before arranging a session, and use your intuition about how you feel about the therapist from your communication with him/her. 

Long term research at many major psychiatric training institutions indicates quite strongly that the key variable in whether or not a patient benefits from therapy is not the specific credential of the therapy provider, nor the specific techniques used in the treatment.   The largest factor determining success of the therapy is the quality of the relationship experienced by the patient and the therapist.